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Finally, a painless and effective way to eliminate plantar warts – permanently!

New technology to treat plantar warts in San Antonio by Dr. Ed Davis, San Antonio Podiatrist

The government of Scotland assisted with the development of a new technology to eliminate plantar warts, painlessly, without surgery and without acids.  It involves the application of a microwave tip to the warts which stimulates the body’s own immune response to eliminate the growths.  Once the body creates an immune response to the warts, that will help prevent formation of new warts.  Children love the fact that there are no needles, no cutting or anything else that hurts.  Adults appreciate that too!

Swift uses microwave energy in rapid pulses so the Swift treatment is fast.   The  Swift device delivers a  very precise,  specific energy dose to a pre-determined depth into the warts and surrounding skin.  Unlike other treatments the skin is not broken nor disturbed as in other treatments and no local anesthesia is needed.

The  microwaves travel to a pre-determined depth and are absorbed by the diseased skin, stimulating an immune response which allows the body to eliminate the warts.

After 6 years of success in the United Kingdom the Swift technology is available in the US.   Starting on January 2, 2021, San Antonio Podiatrist, Dr. Ed Davis will become the first podiatrist in San Antonio to offer this effective new treatment.

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Ed Davis DPM Dr. Ed Davis is a Board Certified Podiatrist with over 30 years of experience treating all foot and ankle problems from birth to age 100.

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