Tolle causam

The words above are latin for “treat the cause.”   The whole expression is “treat the cause, not the symptom.”   Practitioner of natural medicine have widely adopted the phrase but it really should apply to all branches of healthcare.

'Dr. Ed Davis, San Antonio Podiatrist, focuses on biomechanics.   Wikipedia defines biomechanics as: “Biomechanics is the study of the structure, function and motion of the mechanical aspects of biological systems, at any level from whole organisms to organs, cells and cell organelles[1],  using the methods of mechanics[2].  Biomechanics is a branch of biophysics.”

The human foot and ankle is an engineering miracle.  It is designed to allow balance, shock absorption, propulsion and movements for walking, running and jumping. The field of biomechanics studies how those functions are accomplished.  A very large percentage of foot and ankle problems arise from chronic repetitive strain/stress. The effect of trauma or acute injuries can more easily be recognized but the long term wear and tear leading to foot and ankle pain requires an exam that focuses on poor or defective mechanics of the lower extremity. 

It is common for patients with foot and ankle pain to attribute such issues to age.  We usually have to inform them that it is not age but mileage. The analogy of buying a new car tire but placing it on a wheel that is misaligned leading to premature wear and tear is relevant.  Feet that roll in too much (overpronate), feet that roll out too much (oversupinate), joints that lack adequate range of motion, ligaments and tendons that are weak or contracted and many other identifiable factors force changes in the mechanics of the foot and ankle that can lead to pain or dysfunction.

Dysfunction, when present for a long time, eventually can cause pain or loss of mobility.  So many patients come to us after years of having their symptoms only treated. There is nothing wrong with symptomatic treatment but, if that is all being done, it often allows the underlying issues to worsen. Our healthcare system is highly developed but has become a bit too much algorithm* driven, designed for high patient volume, third party influenced (insurance and industry), so that cause based treatment is not adequately practiced.

Dr. Davis has been practicing podiatric biomechanics since 1983 and offers patients exams focused on discovering underlying causes of foot/ankle pain and treatment plans that address those issues.

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