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Minimally Invasive 3D Bunion Surgery


Minimally Invasive 3D Bunion Surgery

Bunion deformities, known officially as hallux abductovalgus deformity, is a painful misalignment of the big toe joint.  There have been many procedures developed to treat this over the years.  Recent advancements allow surgical treatment with smaller incisions, faster recovery times and often minimal pain.

Bunions involve more than just a bump at the base of the big toe but a deformity in which the first metatarsal head, the “knuckle” of the big toe to protrude outward causing the joint to be misaligned.  Ideally, as thorough a correction of the deformity in all 3 planes can provide the best results so such correction is not being called “3D Bunion Surgery.”

Dr. Ed Davis is a Board Certified Foot surgeon with over 30 years of experiences and offers multiple surgical treatments including the latest minimally invasive bunion procedures to include the LapifuseTM 3D Bunion correction system for severe bunions and the Crossroads  Mini-BunionTM technology for moderate deformities.   We use many different systems as each can be advantageous to specific patient needs.  One can find a lot of marketing for certain bunionectomies but it is important that the surgeon be able to use as many types of procedures as possible and avoid “cookbook” approaches.   We use a custom approach.       



Ed Davis DPM Dr. Ed Davis is a Board Certified Podiatrist with over 30 years of experience treating all foot and ankle problems from birth to age 100.

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