Biomechanical Exam For Children

Children's feet

Biomechanical exam for children

Biomechanics:  The Study of the mechanical properties  of the human body that affect its movements.

What is a biomechanical exam?

A biomechanical exam is a comprehensive assessment of how the body of the child functions while walking.  It can be performed as soon as the child begins to walk.  Problems such as toe walking, intoeing, outoeing, feet that excessively roll in and flatten out (overpronation) can be identified early and are easiest to treat at the earliest stages of development.

Which children should get a biomechanical exam?

Any child with:

Benefits of a biomechanical exam include:

Children can encounter different symptoms during their development but underlying mechanical issues do not go away by themselves.  They do not “grow out of it.” Such issues can persist and lead to issues in adulthood.

Ed Davis DPM Dr. Ed Davis is a Board Certified Podiatrist with over 30 years of experience treating all foot and ankle problems from birth to age 100.

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