Tight Achilles | South Texas foot specialist

The achilles tendon attaches to the back of the heel and is made up primarily of two muscles: the gastrocnemius which is the big calf muscle and the soleus, a smaller muscle lower down the leg but above the achilles.

If the gastrocnemius, soleus or achilles is tight, then additional force is exerted on the back of the heel bone. That force pulls the arch downward placing additional stretch on the achilles.

One wants to lengthen the gastrocnemius-soleus-achilles. Too much stretch and a reflex will tighten it -- it is the body's way of protecting it from injury. The key is a very light but prolonged stretch. Sometimes that can be tricky. Night splints are simply stretching devices that accomplish the low grade, prolonged stretch that one can place any time of the day but most often at night because there is a long period of time they can work without being disturbed. There are many different styles of night splints. Some are hard and durable but not very comfortable. Others are soft, less durable but more comfortable. They can often be very effective in releiving the "first step" pain sometimes called "post-static dyskinesia" that plantar fasciiitis sufferers feel in the morning.

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